Provided by: bximage_2.4.6-6_amd64 bug


       bximage - Interactive Disk Image Creator for Bochs


       bximage [options] [filename]


       Bximage  is an easy to use console based tool for creating disk  images, particularly  for
       use with  Bochs.  It   is completely  interactive if no command  line arguments  are used.
       It  can  be switched to a non-interactive mode if all required parameters are given in the
       command line.


       When you  run  bximage  without  one  of  the  following  options,  it  will   appear   in
       interactive  mode and  ask   for  all required parameters to create an image.

       -fd    Create a floppy image.

       -hd    Create a hard disk image.

              Image mode (for hard disks only - see the bochsrc sample for supported options).

              Image size in megabytes (e.g. 1.44 for floppy image, 10 for hard disk image).

       -q     Quiet   mode  (don't  prompt  for user input). Without this option bximage uses the
              command  line parameters as defaults for the interactive mode. If  this  option  is
              given  and  one  of  the  required parameters is missing, bximage will fall back to
              interactive mode.

       --help Print  a  summary  of  the command line options for bximage and exit.

       The filename parameter specifies the name of the image to be created.


       This program  is distributed  under the terms of the  GNU Lesser General Public License as
       published   by   the   Free  Software   Foundation.   See   the   COPYING file located  in
       /usr/local/share/doc/bochs/ for details on the license and the lack of warranty.


       The latest version of this program can be found at:


       bochs(1), bochsrc(5), bochs-dlx(1), bxcommit(1)

       The Bochs IA-32 Emulator site on the World Wide Web:

       Online Bochs Documentation


       Bximage  was written  by Bryce Denney,  based on  several similar tools  from  the  bochs-
       developers list.


       Please    report   all   bugs  to  the  bug  tracker   on   our   web  site.  Just  go  to, and click "Bug Reports" on the sidebar under "Feedback."

       Provide a detailed description of the bug, the version of the program you are running, the
       operating  system  you  are  running the program on  and  the  operating   system  you are
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