Provided by: cakephp-instaweb_0.5-1_all bug


       cakephp-instaweb - lightweight HTTP server for developing CakePHP applications


       cakephp-instaweb [-p PORT] [-i INTERFACE] [-r] [-q] [<webroot>]


       cakephp-instaweb is a lightweight web server designed for quick development of CakePHP web

       It is designed to be reasonably intelligent in locating your application's webroot folder:
       running the program from somewhere near your application's "app" folder without specifying
       a webroot argument will start a small web server on port 3000  that  will  point  at  your

       (If  cakephp-instaweb  is  unsuccessful in locating your application, or you wish to start
       the server from a different folder, you can specify a precise application webroot location
       on the command line.)


       --port, -p
              Specify which port to run on. (default: 3000)

       --interface, -i
              Specify which interface to run on. (default:

       --disable-rewrite, -r
              Disables  Apache-style  rewriting  of  URLs.  You  will need to enable the BASE_URL
              configuration variable in app/config/core.php for URLs to function correctly  after
              disabling rewrites.

       --quiet, -q
              Make as little noise as possible.

       -help, -h
              Shows help message.


       cakephp-instaweb was written by Chris Lamb <>.

                                        September 15, 2007                    CAKEPHP-INSTAWEB(1)