Provided by: clam-chordata_1.0.0-2_amd64 bug


       chordata - Analyzes chords on audio files


       chordata [-b backend] ...  [--help]


       CLAM  Chordata  is  a  chord  detection tool that can be used to browse the chords of your
       favourite mp3/ogg/wav music.  You can freely move arround the song, listening and  getting
       insight  of  its  tonal  features  by using several available views: Chord segments, Chord
       ranking, Tonnetz, Keyspace, Chromatic peaks, PCPgram...

       This is an example application of the CLAM framework.


       -b backend
              Try the specified  backend  if  available.   The  program  will  choose  the  first
              specified  backend that works.  If none of the specified backends is available, the
              default sequence of backends will be tried.   The  default  sequence  is  jack  and

       --help Show the usage information.


       CLAM development team (clam (at)