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       CL-Launch - Common Lisp program launcher and shell script generator


       CL-Launch  provides a uniform way to invoke Common Lisp code from the shell or to generate
       ecoxecutable shell scripts from Common Lisp source code, independently from the underlying
       Common Lisp implementation.

       Currently  supported  implementations  are: SBCL, Clozure CL, GNU CLISP, CMUCL, ECL, ABCL,
       XCL, SCL, Allegro, LispWorks Pro, GCL.

       You can specify complex Lisp systems using ASDF 2.  cl-launch will leverage ASDF 2's  per-
       user, per-implementation fasl cache.  It can dump precompiled images and resume from them,
       for fast software startup.  It also integrates well with XCVB.

       cl-launch contains its own  complete  documentation.   You  can  view  it  all  using  the
       following command:

              cl-launch --more-help | less

                                          May 14th, 2012                             CL-LAUNCH(1)