Provided by: coffeescript_1.4.0-1_all bug


       coffee - interpreter and compiler for the CoffeeScript language


       coffee [options] path/to/ -- [args]


       If called without options, `coffee` will run your script.

       -b, --bare
              compile without a top-level function wrapper

       -c, --compile
              compile to JavaScript and save as .js files

       -e, --eval
              pass a string from the command line as input

       -h, --help
              display this help message

       -i, --interactive
              run an interactive CoffeeScript REPL

       -j, --join
              concatenate the source CoffeeScript before compiling

       -l, --lint
              pipe the compiled JavaScript through JavaScript Lint

       -n, --nodes
              print out the parse tree that the parser produces

              pass options directly to the "node" binary

       -o, --output
              set the output directory for compiled JavaScript

       -p, --print
              print out the compiled JavaScript

       -r, --require
              require a library before executing your script

       -s, --stdio
              listen for and compile scripts over stdio

       -t, --tokens
              print out the tokens that the lexer/rewriter produce

       -v, --version
              display the version number

       -w, --watch
              watch scripts for changes and rerun commands