Provided by: conspy_1.8-2_amd64 bug


       conspy - virtual console spy tool


       conspy [ options ] [ console ]


       Conspy  allows the user to take control of a Linux virtual console.  The user can see what
       is displayed on the console and their keystrokes are sent to it.

       To exit from conspy press the escape key three times in quick succession.


       -V, --version
              Print the program's version and exit.

       -v, --viewonly
              Don't send keystrokes to the virtual console.

              If supplied, console must be a number in the range 1 .. 63,  corresponding  to  the
              virtual  console  device  /dev/tty1  ..  /dev/tty63.  If not supplied the currently
              active virtual console is opened and tracked.


       Conspy will not pass keystrokes to a virtual console whose keyboard is configured to  send
       scan  codes.  X configures its keyboard like this.  If the terminal does not have at least
       64 colours no colour will be displayed.  Conspy ignores the  mouse.   Conspy  may  display
       some  non-ASCII characters incorrectly.  Conspy does not handle displays larger than 16000
       characters (eg 200 rows x 80 columns).

       Conspy depends on terminfo and curses working correctly for your terminal,  and  sometimes
       they don't.  Konsole is/was one example of where they don't.  Typing control-L will redraw
       the screen, which usually fixes the mess created.   It  also  sends  a  control-L  to  the
       virtual console, of course.


       /dev/ttyX, /dev/vc/X
              The  characters typed are sent to this device.  The latter is for devfs. It is only
              used if the former does not exist.

       /dev/vcsaX, /dev/vcc/aX
              The display of the virtual console is read from here.  The latter is for devfs.  It
              is only used if the former does not exist.


       Russell Stuart, <>.