Provided by: cutepaste_0.1.0-0ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       cutepaste - paste utility for KDE


       cutepaste  file (optional)...


       This manual page documents briefly the cutepaste command.

       cutepaste  is straightforward utility that uses the KDE Paste ( API to paste
       content. It uses the Qt framework. You can invoke cutepaste by providing a file:
       cutepaste myfile.txt
       Alternatively, if there is no command line argument cutepaste will read from stdin:
       echo "Hello There" | cutepaste
       If successful, cutepaste will return the URL.
       Tip: You can automatically open the URL in the browser by passing the URL to the browser:

       [your favorite browser] $(echo "Hello There" | cutepaste)


       This program does not support options.

                                        December 12, 2013                            CUTEPASTE(1)