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       d.what.vect   - Allows the user to interactively query a vector map layer at user-selected
       locations within the current geographic region.


       display, vector


       d.what.vect help
       d.what.vect [-1txdfe] map=name[,name,...]  [--verbose]  [--quiet]

           Identify just one location

           Terse output. For parsing by programs

           Print information as plain text to terminal window

           Print topological information (debugging)

           Enable flashing (slower)

           Open form in edit mode

           Verbose module output

           Quiet module output

           Name of existing vector map


       d.what.vect outputs the category value(s) associated with  user-specified  location(s)  in
       user-specified vector map layer(s).

       The  program  activates  the mouse, and expects the user to indicate the location(s) to be
       queried by  depressing  a  mouse  button  over  desired  location(s)  within  the  current
       geographic  region  in the active display frame on the graphic monitor. Query results from
       map(s) are by default displayed in a new monitor, where  label  values  can  be  added  or
       changed.  Using  parameter  -x  information  will  be  displayed as plain text to terminal

       This module always reports standard acres, even when the location uses US Survey  feet  as
       the map unit.


       A  sample  d.what.vect  session is given below. Although it is not necessary that the user
       first displays a vector map to be queried in the active display frame, it  is  helpful  to
       have a map displayed there for reference.

       d.vect map=roads

       Displays the roads vector map layer on the graphics monitor.

       d.what.vect map=roads,geology

       After  typing  this, the user moves the mouse to a desired location on the displayed roads
       map layer, and presses the left mouse button to query the category value of the roads  and
       the geology vector map at this location.  The program then outputs the category value of a
       line type corresponding to this user-selected map location, for the vector map queried  by
       the user.

       The  query  may  be  repeated  as often as desired using the left mouse button. The middle
       mouse button toggles the flash color.  The right button on the mouse is used to  quit  the
       d.what.vect session.




       Jim Hinthorne, Central Washington University
       Upgrades by Dennis Finch, National Park Service and Radim Blazek, ITC-Irst, Trento, Italy

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