Provided by: dell-recovery_1.31_all bug


       dell-recovery - dell recovery suite


       dell-recovery  is  a  tool for generating recovery media for Dell factory shipped systems.
       This media can then be used to rebuild a system with a factory image in  the  event  of  a
       hard drive failure.


       dell-recovery  [-h|--help] [-u|--up UP] [-r|--rp RP] [-m|--media TYPE] [-|--target TARGET]

       -h, --help     Shows the application usage

       -u, --up  Override detected utility partition with this file.

       -r, --rp  Override detected recovery partition with this file.

       -m, --media    Specify the media type to be burning [usb,dvd,iso]

       -t, --target   Specify the location to store the image.

       -o, --overwrite     Automatically override existing files.


       dell-recovery is by Mario Limonciello <>

                                           23 MAY 2009                     DELL-RECOVERY-MEDIA(1)