Provided by: dff_1.3.0+dfsg.1-4_amd64 bug


       dff - A powerful, efficient and modular digital forensics tool.


       dff [options]


       Digital  Forensics Framework dff is a simple but powerful open source tool with a flexible
       module system which will help  you  in  your  digital  forensics  works,  including  files
       recovery  due  to  error or crash, evidence research and analysis, etc. The source code is
       written in C++ and Python, allowing performances and great extensibility.


       -v      --version
              display current version

       -g      --graphical
              launch graphical interface

       -l      --language=LANG
              use LANG as interface language, available: es, en, fr.

       -h,     --help
              display this help message

       -d,     --debug
              redirect IO to system console

              set verbosity level when debugging, available LEVEL: 0 to 3

       -c,     --config=FILEPATH
              use config file from given FILEPATH

       -b,     --batch=FILENAME
              executes batch contained in FILENAME


       Project's  wiki  with  up-to-date  documentation  for  dff  is  provided  at   this   url:

       Embeded help is also available through the Help menu in dff.