Provided by: gcj-jdk_4.8.2-1ubuntu6_amd64 bug


       dh_javadoc - generate javadoc documentation and install in package directory


       dh_javadoc [debhelper options] [-p<package>] [--sourcedir source path] [Java packages]


       dh_javadoc is a debhelper program that is responsible for generating HTML Java
       documentation and installing it in package directories. This should be done in the
       documentaion package of all Java libraries. Normal Java programs should not be supplied
       with javadoc documentation (neither in their main package or in a separate documentation

       Any package specified as parameters will be installed into the first package dh_javadoc is
       told to act on. Use of the standard debhelper -p option is highly recommended.

       A file named debian/package.javadoc may list additional packages to have documentation
       generated. These should be separated by new lines.

       When the Java policy is modified, this script will also install links to the documentation
       in a common place so that javadoc pages may be interlinked; and also provide a
       substitution variable for documentation package dependencies.

       Javadoc generation is done using gjdoc, currently the only free javadoc implementation.
       When new features are added to this (such as overview files), this script will be modified


       --sourcedir source path
           Specify the source path in which to look for Java source files.

       Java packages
           Names of Java packages to be documented.


       +   Check parameters more carefully.

       +   Add substvar for documentation dependencies

       +   Don't put the 'common' directory in all packages - refer to one in /usr/share/gjdoc &
           insist on creating that dependency

       +   Other items depend on gjdoc improvements:

           -       Add package listings to common directory

           -       Generate dependency substvar based on additional doc packages used.



       This program is designed similar to debhelper


       Mark Howard <>