Provided by: apt-file_2.5.2ubuntu1_all bug


       diffindex-download - Download utility for Debian Contents files


       diffindex-download [ options ] URL filename


       diffindex-download  is  a  command line tool for downloading Contents files. It uses APT's
       diff/Index format patches when available to avoid downloading the full  file.   diffindex-
       download is used by apt-file.


          -n number
              If more than number patches would be necessary, download the whole file. Specifying
              0 to always download the whole file is possible.

          -k  Don't verify the peer certificate when using https.

          -c cacert
              If cacert is a directory: Use cacert as CA certificate path. Otherwise  use  cacert
              as  CA certificate bundle. See the --capath and --cacert options in the curl(1) man

          -i  Don't exit with errror if the URL does not exist. This is useful as  some  archives
              don't provide Contents files.

          -q  Be quiet (opposite of -v). The default if stdout is not a terminal.

          -v  Be verbose (opposite of -q). The default if stdout is a terminal.

          -d  Print additional debug info.

          -h  Display a short help screen.


       apt-file(1), diffindex-rred(1), curl(1)


       diffindex-download was written by Stefan Fritsch <>.

                                           January 2009                     DIFFINDEX-DOWNLOAD(1)