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NAME - A self-sufficient runtime for linux containers.



       Docker  complements LXC with a high-level API which operates at the process level. It runs
       unix processes with strong guarantees  of  isolation  and  repeatability  across  servers.
       Docker  is  a  great  building  block  for automating distributed systems: large-scale web
       deployments, database clusters, continuous  deployment  systems,  private  PaaS,  service-
       oriented architectures, etc. runs in three ways:

       * as a daemon to manage LXC containers on your Linux host
              sudo -d

       * as a CLI which talks to the daemon’s REST API
     run ...

       * as a client of Repositories that let you share what you’ve built
     pull, commit

              list COMMANDS available --help
              list OPTIONS available run busybox echo 'Hello world'
              Pull busybox image, launch a container with it, execute echo inside, and greet


       The full documentation is at
       In Debian, documentation is available on /usr/share/doc/


       Daniel Mizyrycki <>

                                   Sat Jul 27 11:46:22 UTC 2013