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       DOCSIS - Docsis configuration file creator.


       DOCSIS Configuration File creator.

       This  program  encodes  text configuration files which contain Configuration File Settings
       into binary configuration files,  as  specified  by  the  DOCSIS  RFI  1.1  Specification,
       Appendix C.

   To encode a cable modem configuration file:
              ./docsis -e <modem_cfg_file> <key_file> <output_file>

   To encode multiple cable modem configuration files:
       ./docsis -m <modem_cfg_file1> ...
              <key_file> <new_extension>

   To encode a MTA configuration file:
              ./docsis -p <mta_cfg_file> <output_file>

   To encode multiple MTA configuration files:
       ./docsis -m -p <mta_file1> ...

   To decode a CM or MTA config file:
              ./docsis -d <binary_file>

       Where: <cfg_file>              = name of text (human readable) cable modem or MTA

              configuration file

       <key_file>              = text file containing the authentication key

              (shared secret) to be used for the CMTS MIC

       <output_file>           = name of output file where the binary data will

              be written to (if it does not exist it is created).

       <binary_file>            = name of binary file to be decoded <new_extension>         = new
       extension to be used when encoding multiple files

       See examples/*.cfg for configuration file format.


       Please send bugs or questions to


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       Copyright © 2002,2003,2004,2005 Evvolve Media SRL,

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