Provided by: douf00_3.0.0-1_all bug


     douf00 — fat free presentation tool


     douf00 [-t|--time TIME] [-b|--blank BLANKSLIDE] [-e|--exit] [-s|--pre PREDOUF00]
            [-p|--post POSTDOUF00] [-B|--blankpage BLANKPAGE] [-S|--password] [-a|--autostart]
     douf00 -h|--help
     douf00 --version


     douf00 is a lightweight, slim and straight forward presentation tool.

     It assists novice as well as expierienced speakers when giving lectures and buissness
     meetings. With its simple presentors Screen that includes current slide - next slide
     (preview) aswell as timers it is designed to assist thoose of us, that are willing to step
     up their lectures to the next level.

     If you place in your presentation directory a file with the name where foo can be:
     jpeg,jpg,png,bmp or pcx that will be your blank slide, which shows up when you start douf00

     The options are as follows:

             Show the version number and exit

             Show the help message and exit

     -t|--time TIME
             The duration of your presentation in minutes.

     -b|--blank BLANKSLIDE
             A blank slide which is shown before the first and after the last slide.  Please
             note, that unless this value is set, the first and last slide will always be black.

             Exit after the last slide

     -s|--pre PREDOUF00
             Run command PREDOUF00 after startup

     -p|--post POSTDOUF00
             Run command POSTDOUF00 before the exit

     -B|--blankpage BLANKPAGE
             The 1-based index of the PDF page to use as the blank slide.

             Ask for the password of the PDF file

             Automatically start the presentation


     There is no requirement for having any configuration file at all. If you do not have a
     configuration file, the program will use some sane default settings. However, if you have a
     speakers remote, that you want to work with douf00 you should set it up in the configuration


     ~/.douf00/douf00.conf     Default douf00 configuration file


     There is a bug which prevents douf00 from going fullscreen under the compiz(1) window
     manager. To work around this enable the "Legacy Fullscreen Support" for compiz. Therefor you
     can use compizconfig-settings-manager.

     If you experience problems using douf00 please write a bug report to


     impressive(1), keyjnote(1), ooimpress(1)


     Martin Natano <>