Provided by: dspam_3.10.2+dfsg-13_amd64 bug


       dspam_merge - merge several users' metadata into a composite


       dspam_merge [--profile=PROFILE]  user1 user2 ... userN -o username


       dspam_merge  merges  several users' metadata into a single user's dictionary. This tool is
       designed to create global users and seeded  data.  The  hit  sounds  for  each  token  and
       per-user totals are added together to produce a single composite dataset. After creating a
       composite user, dspam_clean should be run with the -p option to clean up extraneous data.

       NOTE : Merges may take a considerable amount of time. This could potentially increase  the
       load  on  the  server  or  even  slow  down  the delivery of email. A merge should only be
       performed when the system is fairly acquiesce.


              Specify a storage profile from dspam.conf. The storage  profile  selected  will  be
              used for all database connectivity. See dspam.conf for more information.

        user1 user2 ... userN
              A list of users to merge together.

        -o username
              The  target  user  which will be created (if necessary). This user will contain the
              composite generated by the merge.


       dspam_merge dick jane spot -o ralph

       Merges the metadata dictionaries of dick, jane, and spot into a single composite under the
       user ralph


       0      Operation was successful.
       other  Operation resulted in an error.


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       All rights reserved.

       For more information, see


       dspam(1), dspam_admin(1), dspam_clean(1), dspam_crc(1), dspam_dump(1), dspam_logrotate(1),
       dspam_stats(1), dspam_train(1)