Provided by: emesene_2.12.5+dfsg-1ubuntu2_all bug


       emesene - an instant messaging client


       emesene  2 tries to be a simple but feature complete program that allows one to chat using
       MSN and Jabber based networks.

       From its roots emesene 2 provides a UI that is easy to use by users  coming  from  Windows
       Live Messanger but doing special focus on consistency and simplicity.

       Support  for  Jabber  based networks through the use of different backends is provided but
       without removing features from the main protocol.

       Since emesene 2 is a single protocol/account client you will have to start more  than  one
       instance to use more than one account, if you think this is a problem we recommend clients
       like pidgin, empathy or kopete that are built to handle multiple accounts.

                                          March 1, 2011                                EMESENE(1)