Provided by: euca2ools_3.0.2-1ubuntu1_all bug


       euca-describe-instances - Show information about instances


       euca-describe-instances  [--show-empty-fields] [--region USER@REGION | -U URL] [-I KEY_ID]
       [-S KEY] [--filter NAME=VALUE] [--debug] [--debugger] [--version] [-h] [INSTANCE [INSTANCE


       Show information about instances

   positional arguments:
              limit results to specific instances

   optional arguments:
              show empty values as "(nil)"

       --region USER@REGION
              name of the region and/or user in config files to use to connect to the service

       -U URL, --url URL
              compute service endpoint URL

       -I KEY_ID, --access-key-id KEY_ID

       -S KEY, --secret-key KEY

       --filter NAME=VALUE
              restrict results to those that meet criteria

              show debugging output

              launch interactive debugger on error

              show the program's version and exit

       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

   allowed filter names:
              CPU  architecture  association.allocation-id  [VPC  only]  allocation ID bound to a
              network  interface's  elastic  IP  address  association.association-id  [VPC  only]
              association  ID returned when an elastic IP was associated with a network interface
              association.ip-owner-id [VPC only] ID of  the  owner  of  the  elastic  IP  address
              associated with a network interface association.public-ip [VPC only] address of the
              elastic   IP   address   bound   to   a   network    interface    availability-zone
              block-device-mapping.attach-time           volume          attachment          time
              block-device-mapping.delete-on-termination  whether  a  volume  is   deleted   upon
              instance termination block-device-mapping.device-name

       volume device name (e.g.
              /dev/sdf)  block-device-mapping.status volume status block-device-mapping.volume-id
              volume ID

              idempotency token provided at instance run time

              public DNS name

              security group ID

              security group name

              hypervisor type

              machine image ID
              security group ID
              security group name  instance-id  instance-lifecycle     whether  this  is  a  spot
              instance    instance-state-code     numeric   code   identifying   instance   state
              instance-state-name   instance state instance-type ip-address            public  IP
              address  kernel-id              kernel image ID key-name              key pair name
              provided at instance  launch  time  launch-index           launch  index  within  a
              reservation    launch-time              instance   launch   time   monitoring-state
              monitoring           state           ("enabled"           or            "disabled")
              network-interface.addresses.association.ip-owner-id  [VPC  only] ID of the owner of
              the    private    IP    address    associated    with    a    network     interface
              network-interface.addresses.association.public-ip  [VPC only] ID of the association
              of     an     elastic     IP     address     with     a      network      interface
              network-interface.addresses.primary  [VPC  only]  whether the IP address of the VPC
              network     interface     is     the      primary      private      IP      address
              network-interface.addresses.private-ip-address   [VPC   only]  network  interface's
              private IP  address  network-interface.attachment.device-index  [VPC  only]  device
              index       to       which      a      network      interface      is      attached
              network-interface.attachment.attach-time [VPC only] time a  network  interface  was
              attached to an instance network-interface.attachment.attachment-id [VPC only] ID of
              a network interface's attachment network-interface.attachment.delete-on-termination
              [VPC  only]  whether  a network interface attachment is deleted when an instance is
              terminated network-interface.attachment.instance-owner-id  [VPC  only]  ID  of  the
              instance      to      which      a      network      interface      is     attached
              network-interface.attachment.status  [VPC  only]  network  interface's   attachment
              status   network-interface.availability-zone   [VPC   only]   network   interface's
              availability zone network-interface.description [VPC only] description of a network
              interface [VPC only] network interface's security group
              ID [VPC only] network interface's security group  name
              network-interface.mac-address  [VPC  only]  network  interface's  hardware  address
      [VPC  only]  ID  of  a  network   interface
              network-interface.owner-id   [VPC   only]   ID   of  a  network  interface's  owner
              network-interface.private-dns-name [VPC only] network interface's private DNS  name
              network-interface.requester-id   [VPC   only]   network  interface's  requester  ID
              network-interface.requester-managed [VPC only] whether  the  network  interface  is
              managed   by  the  service  network-interface.source-destination-check  [VPC  only]
              whether  source/destination  checking  is   enabled   for   a   network   interface
              network-interface.status      [VPC     only]     network     interface's     status
              network-interface.subnet-id  [VPC  only]  ID  of  a  network   interface's   subnet
              network-interface.vpc-id [VPC only] ID of a network interface's VPC

              instance  owner's  account  ID placement-group-name platform              "windows"
              for   Windows   instances    private-dns-name    private-ip-address    product-code
              product-code.type     type of product code ("devpay" or "marketplace")

              ramdisk image ID

       reason reason for the instance's current state

              ID  of  the  entity  that  launched  an  instance  reservation-id  root-device-name
              root device name (e.g.  /dev/sda1) root-device-type      root device type ("ebs" or
              "instance-store")  spot-instance-request-id  state-reason-code      reason code for
              the most recent state change  state-reason-message   message  describing  the  most
              recent state change

              [VPC only] ID of the subnet the instance is in

              name of any tag assigned to the instance

              value of any tag assigned to the instance

              specific  tag  key/value combination virtualization-type vpc-id                [VPC
              only] ID of the VPC the instance is in