Provided by: euca2ools_3.0.2-1ubuntu1_all bug


       euca-upload-bundle - Upload a bundle prepared by euca-bundle-image to the cloud


       euca-upload-bundle         -b         BUCKET[/PREFIX]         -m        FILE        [--acl
       {public-read,aws-exec-read,ec2-bundle-read}] [-d DIR] [--part INT]  [--location  LOCATION]
       [--retry]  [--skipmanifest]  [--progress  | --no-progress] [--region USER@REGION | -U URL]
       [-I KEY_ID] [-S KEY] [--debug] [--debugger] [--version] [-h]


       Upload a bundle prepared by euca-bundle-image to the cloud

   optional arguments:
       -b BUCKET[/PREFIX], --bucket BUCKET[/PREFIX]
              bucket to upload the bundle to (required)

       -m FILE, --manifest FILE
              manifest for the bundle to upload (required)

       --acl {public-read,aws-exec-read,ec2-bundle-read}
              canned ACL policy to apply to the bundle (default: aws-exec-read)

       -d DIR, --directory DIR
              directory that contains the bundle parts  (default:  directory  that  contains  the

       --part INT
              begin uploading with a specific part number (default: 0)

       --location LOCATION
              location   constraint   of   the   destination   bucket   (default:  inferred  from
              s3-location-constraint in configuration, or otherwise none)

              retry failed uploads up to 5 times

              do not upload the manifest

              show progress (the default when run interactively)

              do not show progress (the default when run noninteractively)

       --region USER@REGION
              name of the region and/or user in config files to use to connect to the service

       -U URL, --url URL
              storage service endpoint URL

       -I KEY_ID, --access-key-id KEY_ID

       -S KEY, --secret-key KEY

              show debugging output

              launch interactive debugger on error

              show the program's version and exit

       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit