Provided by: evolver_2.30c.dfsg-3_amd64 bug


     evolver — The Surface Evolver, minimize energy of a surface


     evolver [-adehimqwxy] [-f file] [-pN] [datafile]


     The Surface Evolver is a program that minimizes the energy of a triangulated surface
     according to designated energies and constraints.  This man page only documents command line
     options and environment variables.  The full package and documentation are available at

     Command line options:

              Text file defining a surface. If omitted, you will be prompted.

     -a       Autoconvert to named quantities when needed (default is on); use "-a-" to
              deactivate autoconversion.

     -d       Begin with parser debugging on (equivalent to "debug" runtime command).  Beware of
              copious output.

     -e       Echo stdin to stdout; meant for testing piped input.

     -f file  After loading datafile, read commands from file, then command line prompt.

     -h       Print help for command line options.

     -i       Preserve datafile numbers for element id's, rather than renumbering.

     -m       Begin with memory debugging on (equivalent to "memdebug" runtime command).  Beware
              of copious output.

     -pN      Run with N concurrent processes.

     -q       Convert to named quantities at start (equivalent to "convert_to_quantities" runtime

     -Q       Suppress echoing of "read" section of datafile, and other files read in.

     -w       Exit immediately after any warning or error message; meant for batch runs.

     -x       Exit immediately after any error message; meant for batch runs.

     -y       Break to user prompt after any warning message.


     EVOLVERPATH  Colon-separated list of paths automatically searched for datafiles, included
                  files, or help documentation.


     See manual224.pdf in the Evolver distribution, browse evolver.htm in the doc subdirectory of
     the distribution, or browse the documentation on-line at


     The Surface Evolver home page is


     Send bug reports to  Please include the datafile and exact instructions
     for reproducing the problem.

                                          March 14, 2020