Provided by: extra-xdg-menus_1.0-4_all bug


       exmenen,  exmendis  - enable or disable extra menus for GNOME, KDE and other XDG menu-spec
       compliant desktops


       exmenen (--system | --local) [ module ]

       exmendis (--system | --local) [ module ]


       This manual page documents briefly the exmenen and exmendis commands.

       exmenen is a script that enables the specified extra applications menu on either a system,
       or  per-user basis.  It does this by creating symlinks within /etc/xdg/menus/applications-
       merged/ (system wide), or ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/menus/applications-merged/ (per-user). If the
       XDG_CONFIG_HOME  environment variable is unset, its default is taken to be ${HOME}/.config

       Likewise, exmendis disables an extra applications menu by removing those symlinks.  It  is
       not an error to enable a menu which is already enabled, or to disable one which is already


              exmendis --system electronics
              exmenen --system electronics

       Disables the system wide extra electronics menu, enables it for the current user.


              Directory with .menu files defining the available extra modules.

              Directory with links to the files in extra-xdg-menus for system-wide enabled  extra

              Directory  with  links  to  the files in extra-xdg-menus for per-user enabled extra
              menus.   If   XDG_CONFIG_HOME   is   unset,   the   directory    used    will    be


       This  manual  page was written by Peter Clifton <> for the Debian GNU/Linux
       distribution, as it is a Debian-specific script with the package.

       exmenen, exmendis and this manpage were derived from scripts and documentation written  by
       Daniel Stone for the apache2 Debian package.

                                         13 January 2008                               EXMENEN(1)