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       exrtools - a collection of utilities for manipulating OpenEXR images


       exrtools  is  a  set  of simple command-line utilities for dealing with high dynamic range
       images in OpenEXR format.  OpenEXR  is  a  high  dynamic-range  (HDR)  image  file  format
       developed by Industrial Light & Magic for use in computer imaging applications.

       exrtools  was  developed  to  help experiment with batch processing of HDR images for tone
       mapping, and it is released in  the  hopes  that  someone  may  find  them  useful.   Each
       application  is  small  and  reasonably self-contained such that the source code may be of
       most value to others.

       The biggest assumption in most of this code is that the EXR files and PNG  files  all  use
       sRGB primaries and gamma function.  Fixing this is not very difficult, and the code to fix
       allows for some interesting possibilities.  That said, I do not have time  right  now,  so
       this will have to wait.


       Billy Biggs <>.


       exrblur(1),  exrchr(1), exricamtm(1), exrnlm(1), exrnormalize(1), exrpptm(1), exrstats(1),
       exrtopng(1), jpegtoexr(1), pngtoexr(1), ppmtoexr(1).