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       falconeer.fal - Falcon Language table compiler


       fallc.fal [-m merge_file] [...options...] ftt_list...


       The  Falcon  language  table  compiler  is  used to compile .ftt files (Falcon translation
       tables) into a binary .ftr file (Falcon translation). The ftr  file  is  a  collection  of
       translations  relative  to  a single module (source file, .fam pre-compiled Falcon file or
       binary shared object/dynamic load library), that can be shipped  side  by  side  with  the
       module and providing a translation to one of the compiled-in languages on request.

       Ftt files are generated by falcon command line compiler using the -y option.

       The program operates on the list of ftt files provided on the command li


       -c     Do  NOT  check for inline variables consistency. If not given, fallc will check for
              all the variables indicated with $varname or $(varname[:...]) to  be  both  in  the
              original strings and in the translation, and  will warn if this doesn't happens.

       -h     Prints an help screen with command synopsis.

       -m <source_table.ftt>
              Merges  a  new  source table with previously performed translations.  If the source
              program that must be translated changes after that some work has been performed  on
              the  translation  table,  it  is  necessary  to integrate the changes into the work
              files.  In this mode, a new template  source  table  generated  by  falcon  can  be
              integrated  in  already  existing  translations, which will be modified directly on
              place. It is possible to provide a different output  file  for  the  merged  result
              using  the  -o  <outputfile>  option, but in this case it will be possible to merge
              only one file at a time.

       -o <outputfile>
              By default, fallc sends the binary translation table to  a  file  named  after  the
              original module with the .ftr extension added.  This option allows one to specify a
              different destination for the compiled translation table. The option can be used in
              conjunction  with the -m option to send the result of a merged table to a different

       -v     Prints program version and exits.


       On some systems, fallc.fal script can be "proxied" with  a  fallc  pseudo  command  (shell
       script, batch file and so on).


       Giancarlo Niccolai <gc_@_falconpl.org_>  (remove "_")




       This  document  is  released  under the "GNU Free Documentation License, version 1.2".  On
       Debian systems, the complete text of the Free Documentation License, version 1.2,  can  be
       found in /usr/share/common-licenses/.