Provided by: falconpl_0.9.6.9-git20120606-2_amd64 bug


       flcrun - The Falcon command line execution tool


       falrun [options] [main_script] [script_options]


       The  falrun  command line tool is a subset of the falcon(1) command line interpreter which
       only executes pre-compiled falcon scripts in ".fam" module files. This is meant to  launch
       Falcon  based  application  which were compiled on a different system, and whose source is
       not shipped.


       -e <enc>
              Set given encoding as default for VM I/O. Unless the scripts select a different I/O
              encoding,  the  streams  that are provided to the falcon VM (like the output stream
              for printf) are encoded using the given ISO encoding. This  overrides  the  default
              encoding  that is detected by reading the environment settings. In example, if your
              system uses iso-8859-1 encoding by default, but you want your script  to  read  and
              write utf-8 files, use the option -e utf-8

       -h or -?
              Prints a brief help on stdout and exits.

       -L <path>
              Changes  the  default load path. This overrides both the internal built in settings
              and the contents of environment variable FALCON_LOAD_PATH. Each  directory  in  the
              path should be separated by ";" and use forward slashes, like this:

                   falrun -L ./;/usr/share/falcon_mod;./myapp

       -p <module>
              Preloads the given module as if it were loaded by the main script.

       -P     Ignore default load paths and uses only the paths set via the -L switch.

       -v     Prints copyright notice and version and exits.


              Default location of the Falcon Engine loadable module.

              Default directory containing Falcon binary modules.


              Default search path for modules loaded by the scripts.

              Default  encoding  for the source scripts loaded by falcon (when different from the
              system default).

              Default encoding for the VM I/O streams (when different from system default).


       Giancarlo Niccolai <>


       falcon(1) faldisass(1)


       This document is released under the "GNU Free Documentation  License,  version  1.2".   On
       Debian  systems,  the complete text of the Free Documentation License, version 1.2, can be
       found in /usr/share/common-licenses/.