Provided by: ffindex_0.9.9.3-1_amd64 bug


       ffindex_build - build file index from files in directories


       USAGE:   ffindex_build   [-a|-v]   [-s]   [-f   file]*  OUT_DATA_FILE  OUT_INDEX_FILE  [-d

       -a     append files/indexes, also needed for sorting an already existing ffindex

       -d FFDATA_FILE
              a second ffindex data file for inserting/appending

       -i FFINDEX_FILE a second ffindex index file for inserting/appending

       -f FILE
              file containing a list of file names, one per line -f can be specified up  to  4096

       -s     sort  index  file, so that the index can queried.  Another append operations can be
              done without sorting.

       -v     print version and other info then exit


              FFINDEX_MAX_INDEX_ENTRIES - allocate memory for this number of entries

              Create a new ffindex containing all files from the "bar/" directory containing  say
              myfile1.txt, myfile2.txt and sort (-s) it so that e.g. ffindex_get can use it.

              $ ffindex_build -s foo.ffdata foo.ffindex bar/

              Add (-a) more files: myfile3.txt, myfile4.txt.

              $ ffindex_build -a foo.ffdata foo.ffindex myfile3.txt myfile4.txt

              Oops, forgot to sort it (-s) so do it afterwards:

              $ ffindex_build -as foo.ffdata foo.ffindex

              Maximum  key/filename length is 63 and maximum entries are by default 80000000 This
              can be changed in the sources.

       Designed and implemented by Andreas Hauser <>.


       User feedback is welcome, especially bugs, performance  issues  and  last  but  not  least
       convenience of the programs and API.

       Email Andreas Hauser

ffindex_build version: 0.993 (off_t = 64 bNovember 2013                          FFINDEX_BUILD(1)