Provided by: ffmsindex_2.19-2_amd64 bug


       ffmsindex - FFmpegSource2 indexing app




       ffmsindex  creates  an  index  file  for  the  given INPUTFILE. If not OUTPUFILE is given,
       INPUTFILE.ffindex is used as output file.

       -f     Force overwriting of existing index file, if any (default: no)

       -v     Set FFmpeg verbosity level. Can  be  repeated  for  more  verbosity.  (default:  no
              messages printed)

       -p     Disable progress reporting. (default: progress reporting on)

       -c     Write timecodes for all video tracks to (default: no)

       -k     Write keyframes for all video tracks to outputfile_track00.kf.txt (default: no)

       -t N   Set  the  audio  indexing mask to N (-1 means index all tracks, 0 means index none,
              default: 0)

       -d N   Set the audio decoding mask to N (mask syntax same as -t, default: 0)

       -a NAME
              Set the audio output base filename to NAME (default: input filename)

       -s N   Set audio decoding error handling. See the documentation for details. (default: 0)

       -m NAME
              Force the use of demuxer NAME (default, lavf, matroska, haalimpeg, haaliogg)


       This manpage was written by Sebastian Ramacher.