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       fmfconv — Fuse movie file converter


       fmfconv [options] [infile [outfile [soundfile]]]


       fmfconv is a Fuse movie file converter. It can convert .fmf files to any video file format
       known by FFMPEG.


       -a codec
       --acodec codec
              Select audio codec for FFMPEG output (by default file format determine).

              List available FFMPEG audio codecs (see -a/--acodec).

              Force AIFF-C output if sound format is AIFF.

       -A rate
       --arate rate
              Select audio bitrate for FFMPEG output (by default  audio  codec  determine)  where
              `rate' is `default' or a number.

              Save sound to Sun Audio (au) file.

              Save sound to Apple Computer audio (aiff/aiff-c) file.

       -F format
       --format format
              Select  file format for FFMPEG output (by default the filename extension determines
              the format).

              List available FFMPEG formats (see -F/--format).

       -f timing
       --frate timing
              Set output frame rate. `timing' is `pal', `ntsc', `movie' or a number with  maximum
              3 digit after decimal point, or a #/# (e.g.: -f 29.97 or -f 30000/1001).

              Give brief usage help, listing available options.

              Scan input file(s) and print information.

       -i filename
       --input filename
              Input file.

              Convert sound to mono (by default sound is converted to stereo).

       -C cut
       --out-cut cut
              Leave  out the comma delimited `cut' ranges e.g.: 100-200,300,500,1:11-2:22 cut the
              frames 100–200, 300, 500 and frames from 1 min 11 sec to 2 min 22 sec (in the given
              timing see: -f/--frate).

       -o filename
       --output filename
              Output file.

              Save video as PPM screenshots.

       -p profile
       --profile profile
              Select the profile for FFMPEG output where <profile> is `youtube', `dvd', `svcd' or

       -g form
       --progress form
              Show progress, where <form> is one of `%', `bar', `frame' or `time'. frame and time
              are similar to bar and show movie seconds or frame number as well.

              Decrease the verbosity level by one.

              Do  not  convert sound to 16-bit signed PCM and STEREO or MONO. This is an advanced
              option. If stereo/mono or audio encoding change through `fmf' file, your sound will
              be crappy.

       -R res
       --resize res
              Resize video frame where `res' is `vga' for 640x480, `hvga' for 480x360, `qvga' for
              320x240, `pal' for 768x576 (this set frame rate to 25 also) or WxH, Sx, N/Mx or W.

              Save video as SCR screenshots.

       -s filename
       --sound filename
              Output sound file.

              Process only the sound from an `fmf' file.

       -E rate
       --srate rate
              Resample audio to `rate' sampling rate where `rate' is `cd' for 44100 or `dat'  for
              48000 or a number (`cd' and `dat' set `stereo' as well).

              Increase the verbosity level by one.

       -c codec
       --vcodec codec
              Select video codec for FFMPEG output (by default file format determine).

              Print the version number and exit.

       -r rate
       --vrate rate
              Select  video  bitrate  for  FFMPEG output (by default audio codec determine) where
              `rate' is `default', `ffdefault' or a number.

              List available FFMPEG video codecs (see -c/--vcodec).

              Save sound to Microsoft audio (wav) file.

              Save video and audio as FFMPEG file (default if FFMPEG is available).

              Save video as yuv4mpeg2.

       --yuv-format frm
              Set yuv4mpeg2 file frame format to `frm', where  `frm'  is  one  of  `444',  `422',
              `420j', `420m', `420' or `410'.


       Convert a Fuse movie file to a mpeg video with quality equivalent to YouTube

              fmfconv -p youtube input.fmf

       Convert a Fuse movie file to a DVD video format

              fmfconv -p dvd input.fmf output.vob

       Extract audio (mono) from a recording

              fmfconv --sound-only --mono input.fmf output.wav


       None known.


       ffmpeg(1), fuse(1), fuse-utils(1)

       The comp.sys.sinclair Spectrum FAQ, at


       Gergely Szasz.