Provided by: fotoxx_12.01.2-0ubuntu3_amd64 bug


        Fotoxx - digital photo editor and collection manager


        Fotoxx [ -v ] [ -lang code ]
               [ file | directory ]
               [ -recent ] [ -prev ] [ -blank ]
               [ -slideshow <filename> [ -music <playlist> ] ]
               [ -translate ]


        Fotoxx is a graphical menu-driven program which operates in
        its own window. Organize and administer a collection of images,
        edit images, search images, perform image utility functions.


       Edit functions include:
        - View and edit most image file types and RAW file types
        - Adjust brightness/color/contrast using movable curves
        - Fix vignetting and other brightness uniformity problems
        - Expand and/or flatten the brightness distribution
        - Trim (crop), Resize, Flip, Rotate (any angle)
        - Sharpen, Blur, Reduce noise, Remove red-eyes
        - Tone Mapping (enhance local contrast and faint details)
        - Auto adjust white balance, Match colors to a standard
        - Remove a color caste even if it varies across the image
        - Warp (stretch/distort image by dragging the mouse)
        - Panorama, HDR, and Stack composites (hand-held photos OK)
        - Combine photos with differing focus depths
        - Artful transforms (simulate drawing, embossing, painting)
        - Pixel edit with variable brush transparency and blending
        - Edit selected objects or areas within an image
        - Copy and paste selected objects or areas (cutouts)
        - Smart erase: get rid of ground litter, power lines, etc.
        - Erase dust: remove dust spots on images from scanned slides
        - Write text on the image (vary font, color, transparency, angle)
        - Use Gimp or other editor as a plug-in function

       Utility functions include:
        - Thumbnail image browser and navigator
        - Add comments, tags, dates, and star-ratings to images
        - Search images by comments, tags, dates, star-ratings, file names
        - Rename images from camera using a base name and sequence number
        - Slide-show mode: automatic or keyboard control, optional music
        - Batch convert multiple RAW files to tiff-8/16, jpeg, png
        - Print image using any format, make color adjustments
        - Select images, convert format, resize, export, burn CD/DVD
        - Assign images to named collection, edit and view collection
        - Edit image metadata, search and report any metadata
        - Tune monitor for color and gamma
        - Context aware help available via the F1 key


       Command line options
        -v                print version and exit
        -lang code        specify language (de, fr, zh_CN ...)
        file              initial image file to view or edit
        directory         initial directory of image files
        -prev             open last file from the previous session
        -recent           show a gallery of most recent files opened
        -slideshow        <filename> is first image in a slide show
        -music            <playlist> is a music file or a playlist
        -translate        start in interactive translation mode


        The online user manual is available using the help menu.
        This manual explains Fotoxx operation in great detail.


        Written by Mike Cornelison <>