Provided by: foxtrotgps_1.1.1-5_amd64 bug


       FoxtrotGPS - GTK+ mapping and GPS application


       foxtrotgps [OPTION]...


       FoxtrotGPS is a map and GPS application. By default, it uses maps from Openstreetmap.

       Clicking  anywhere on the map pops up a menu of common operations.  Click and drag the map
       to pan.

       FoxtrotGPS can be used to geotag photographs that were taken while logging  a  GPS  track,
       and can show icons on the map indicating where the photographs were taken; this is done by
       correlating timestamps in JPEG EXIF data  with  timestamps  in  the  GPS  track,  and  the
       following  additional packages must also be installed for use at run-time in order to make
       use of this feature:

           · gpscorrelate <>

           · jhead <>

       FoxtrotGPS  can  load   distinct   icons   for   different   POIs   from   the   directory
       ~/.foxtrotgps/poi-icons/;  and,  if  you  have  the  `mkvisualid' command from libvisualid
       installed, FoxtrotGPS can even generate  distinctive  icons  automatically.  For  more  on
       libvisualid, see its website <>.


              Start in fullscreen mode

              Print the program version and exit


       FoxtrotGPS  includes  a  URL  for  Google  Satellite  imagery  in  its default list of map
       repositories for demonstration and testing purposes, but Google Satellite URLs  apparently
       expire due to their "v=..." parameter needing to be incremented. In some cases, repository
       URLs that break in this way cannot be fixed automatically when FoxtrotGPS is upgraded, and
       must be fixed manually by the user.


       convert2gpx(1), convert2osm(1).


       More    information    about   FoxtrotGPS   can   be   found   online   at   its   website


       FoxtrotGPS is a community developed  fork  from  tangoGPS  lead  by  Joshua  Judson  Rosen
       <>. tangoGPS was written by Marcus Bauer <>.