Provided by: freefoam_0.1.0+dfsg-1build1_amd64 bug


       freefoam-job - Runs a FreeFOAM job in the background


       freefoam job [-case <caseDir>] [-s] [-p] [-hosts <hostFile>] [-log <logFile>] [-fg]
       [-help] <application> [<options>]


       Runs the FreeFOAM application <application>. Unless the -fg option is specified, the job
       is run in the background (this options is ignored if -s is specified). The output is
       written to the file log, which can be overridden using the -log option. If -s is
       specified, the output will also be sent to the screen. The -p option will start the
       application in parallel using the setting of parRunTemplate in the global controlDict (see
       freefoam(1)). The option -hosts can be used to provide a file containing a list of host
       names for the parallel run.


       -case <caseDir>
           Specify the case directory. Defaults to the current working directory.

           Also sends output to screen

           Run the job in parallel

       -hosts <hostFile>
           Specify file with host names

       -log <logFile>
           Specify logfile name for output, defaults to log

           Run the job in the foreground (i.e. don’t background it). This option is ignored if -s
           is specified.

           Display an option summary

           The application to run

           Options to be passed to <application>


       An overview of FreeFOAM is given in freefoam(1).


       OpenCFD Ltd.


       Part of the freefoam(1) suite.


       ·   Copyright © 1991-2010 OpenCFD Ltd.

       ·   Copyright © 2008-2012 Michael Wild.