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       freefoam-mhd - Solver for magnetohydrodynamics (MHD): incompressible, laminar flow of a
       conducting fluid under the influence of a magnetic field.


       freefoam mhd [-parallel] [-srcDoc] [-case <dir>] [-doc] [-help]


       An applied magnetic field H acts as a driving force, at present boundary conditions cannot
       be set via the electric field E or current density J. The fluid viscosity nu, conductivity
       sigma and permeability mu are read in as uniform constants.

       A fictitous magnetic flux pressure pH is introduced in order to compensate for
       discretisation errors and create a magnetic face flux field which is divergence free as
       required by Maxwell’s equations.

       However, in this formulation discretisation error prevents the normal stresses in UB from
       cancelling with those from BU, but it is unknown whether this is a serious error. A
       correction could be introduced whereby the normal stresses in the discretised BU term are
       replaced by those from the UB term, but this would violate the boundedness constraint
       presently observed in the present numerics which guarantees div(U) and div(H) are zero.


       -case <dir>
           Specify the case directory

           Run the case in parallel

           Display short usage message

           Display Doxygen documentation page

           Display source code


       An overview of FreeFOAM is given in freefoam(1).


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