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       fv - a tool for viewing and editing FITS format files




       fv  is  a  FITS  file  viewer and editor developed at the High Energy Astrophysics Science
       Archive Research Center (HEASARC) at NASA / GSFC.

       To start up fv on Unix workstations, enter `fv' in a command window.  You  can  optionally
       append  the  name  of  a  FITS  file,  or  multiple  files, to be opened. For example, `fv' opens a single file, and `fv ngc*' opens all the FITS files in  the  current
       directory  whose name matches the string. On Windows PCs you can start fv either by double
       clicking on the fv desktop icon, or by dragging a FITS file from,  say,  Windows  Explorer
       onto  the  fv icon. It is also possible to set up your Windows or Unix environment so that
       you can just double click (in the File Manager or on an e-mail attachment) on a FITS  file
       that  has a standard extension like `.fit' or `.fits' and then have fv automatically start
       up and open that file.


       -cmap m
              Set the colormap.

              m=0 Default behavior.  I.e. choose the "best" colormap.

              m=1 Force POW to setup a new private pseudocolor colormap (very safe)

              m=2 Force POW to use truecolor mode (very safe, but looks bad on low color displays
              and  runs slower than pseudocolor).  Note: this will cause powSetupColormap to look
              for a truecolor visual; if it can't find one, it will allow the  main  Tk  code  to
              pick  a  visual, but POW will still use "truecolor mode" (i.e. the Tk photo widget)
              to display images.

              m=3 Force use of the screen default colormap. This should be reasonably  safe  now,
              but often won't be what you want.

       -winmanager 1/0
              Turn Window manager On and Off.

       -quiet Startup fv without open dialog and stay open even if all files are closed.

       -module modName  or -modName
              Load a web module into fv.

              Display fv Version.

       -user  Logon with user ID.


       The  environment  variable  FVTMP  defines  what directory fv will use to create temporary


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       The  program is documented fully by the online help that can be accessed from the built-in
       help viewer.