Provided by: firebird2.5-server-common_2.5.2.26540.ds4-9ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       gdef - construct a program creating database from a definition


       gdef [option...] input-file
       gdef [option...] -extract database


       gdef composes a program that creates a Firebird database given a source database or a
       special definition file.

       It is rarely used outside of the Firebird build process.


       -extract database
           Extract definition from an existing database.

           Use statements replacing any existing database instead of just creating a new one.

           Generate dynamic DDL

       -c  Generate C source.

           Generate FORTARN source.

           Generate Pascal source.

           Generate COBOL source.

           Generate ANSI COBOL source.

           Generate ADA source.

           Generate C++ source.

       -user name
           Firebird user name to use for connecting.

       -password string
           Password to use for connecting.

       -fetch_password file
           Fetch password from a file.

       -z  Print gdef version number.


       Copyright (C) Damyan Ivanov, 2009.

       This manpage was written by Damyan Ivanov for the Debian project but may be used by
       others. Permission is granted to use this document, with or without modifications,
       provided that this notice is retained. If we meet some day, and you think this stuff is
       worth it, you can buy me a beer in return.