Provided by: gdevilspie_0.5-3_all bug


       gdevilspie - Graphical interface to devilspie.




       gdevilspie gDevilspie is a graphical front-end to the devilspie daemon.


       Example: Adding File Manager (Nautilus) to Workspace 3, maximized horizontally.

       Launch gDevilspie
       Click on the Add button
       Type in the name of your new rule

       In the Matching Tab check the box for window_class and application_name.
       Type File Manager in the equals box in the right pane of the Rules Editor for both
       of the Matching Property items above.

       An alternative way of producing the above would be to launch the application you wish to setup.
       Click on the gDevilspie Get button, locate your application within the Window Selector box,
       highlight it then click apply. This will populate the equals field for you.

       Click the Actions Tab.
       Check the set_workspace box and set the workspace to 3.
       Click the maximize_horizontally check box.
       Click Save.
       Click Stop then Start on the gDevilspie main window for good measure.

       Here is your output in the raw tab:

       ( if
       ( begin
       ( is ( window_class ) "File Manager" )
       ( is ( application_name ) "File Manager" )
       ( begin
       ( set_workspace 3 )
       ( maximize_horizontally )
       ( println "match" )

       Using  the example above you can configure gDevilspie to set your applications to run many
       different ways.


       Islam Amer <>.

       This manual page was written by Chris Silva <>, for the Debian project
       (but may be used by others).