Provided by: dnssec-tools_2.0-1_all bug


       getdnskeys - Manage lists of DNSKEYs from DNS zones


           getdnskeys [-i file] [-o file] [-k] [-T] [-t] [-v] [zones]


       getdnskeys manages lists of DNSKEYs from DNS zones.  It may be used to retrieve and
       compare DNSKEYs.  The output from getdnskeys may be included (directly or indirectly) in a
       named.conf file.


       getdnskeys takes the following options:

       -i path
           Reads path as a named.conf with which to compare key lists.

       -k  Only looks for Key Signing Keys (KSKs); all other keys are ignored.

       -o file
           Writes the results to file.

       -T  Checks the current trusted key list from named.conf.

       -t  Encloses output in needed named.conf syntax markers.

       -v  Turns on verbose mode for additional output.

           Displays the version information for getdnskeys and the DNSSEC-Tools package.

       -h  Gives a help message.


       This getdnskeys will retrieve the KSK for

           getdnskeys -o /etc/named.trustkeys.conf -k -v -t

       This getdnskeys will check saved keys against a live set of keys:

           getdnskeys -i /etc/named.trustkeys.conf -T -k -v -t

       This getdnskeys will automatically update a set of saved keys:

           getdnskeys -i /etc/named.trustkeys.conf -k -t -T -v
                      -o /etc/named.trustkeys.conf


       Currently this does not validate new keys placed in the file in any way, nor does it
       validate change over keys which have been added.

       It also does not handle revocation of keys.

       It should prompt you before adding a new key so that you can always run the auto-update