Provided by: gfarm-client_2.4.1-1.1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       gfls - list contents of Gfarm directory


       gfls [ options ] [ path ... ]


       List information of files or contents of directories specified by path.


       -a     Do not hide entries starting with ``.''.

       -A     Do not list ``.'' and ``..''.

       -C     Multi-column output.  This is the default output format.

       -d     List directory entries instead of the contents.

       -E seconds
              Specifies  seconds to hold attribute cache.  If 0 is specified, attributes won't be

       -F     Append indicator (one of */=@|) to entries.

       -i     Display inode number.

       -l     List in long format, including mode, owner, group, size  in  bytes,  time  of  last
              modification for each file.

       -r     Reverse the order while sorting.

       -R     Recursively lists subdirectories encountered.

       -S     Sort by file size.

       -t     Sort by time stamp instead of by name.

       -T     With the -l option, show complete date format.

       -1     Prints one entry per line of output.

       -?     displays a list of command options.