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       giftext - A program to dump (text only) general information about GIF file.


       giftext [-q] [-c] [-e] [-z] [-p] [-r] [-h] gif-file

       If no gif-file is given, GifText will try to read a GIF file from stdin.

       As  giftext can generate huge amounts of data, ^C will kill it, but 'q' will stop only the
       printing (of one of -e, -z, -p), while file integrity will still be checked.





               Quiet mode.  Defaults off on MSDOS, on under UNIX.  Controls printout  of  running
              scan lines.  Use -q- to invert.


               Dumps the color maps.


               Dumps  encoded  bytes - the pixels after compressed using LZ algorithm and chained
              to form bytes.  This is the form the data is saved in the GIF file.  Dumps in hex -
              2 digit per byte.


               Dumps  the  LZ  codes  of  the image.  Dumps in hex - 3 digits per code (as we are
              limited to 12 bits).


               Dumps the pixels of the image.  Dumps in hex - 2 digit per pixel (<=byte).


               Dumps raw pixels as one byte per pixel.  This option inhibits  all  other  options
              and  only the pixels are dumped.  This option may be used to convert GIF files into
              raw data.  Note: the color map can be extracted by gifclrmp utility.  If more  than
              one image is included in the file, all images will be dumped in order.


               Print one line of command line help, similar to Usage above.


       Gershon Elber

       Man  page  created  by  T.Gridel  <>, originally written by Eric S. Raymond

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