Provided by: github-backup_1.20131203_amd64 bug


       github-backup - backs up data from GitHub


       github-backup [username|organization]


       github-backup  is  a  simple  tool  you run in a git repository you cloned from GitHub. It
       backs up everything GitHub publishes about the repository, including other branches, tags,
       forks, issues, comments, wikis, milestones, pull requests, and watchers.

       Alternately, if you pass it the username of a GitHub user, it will check out, and back up,
       all that user's repositories, as well as all the repositories that user is watching. (Also
       works to pass the name of an organization using GitHub.)

       By  default  it  runs  without  logging  in  to  GitHub.  To  log  in, set GITHUB_USER and
       GITHUB_PASSWORD environment variables. However note that this only works around  API  rate
       limiting, it does not allow private repositories to be downloaded.


       Joey Hess <>

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