Provided by: giws_2.0.2-1_all bug


       giws — Generate C++ class wrappers to call Java methods/objects


       giws  [-hf,  --description-file]  [-o,  --output-dir]  [-p,  --per-package] [-e, --throws-
       exception-on-error] [--header-extension-file] [--body-extension-file] [-v, --version] [-h,


        Giws is basically doing the same stuff as SWIG but the opposite.
        Calling Java from C/C++ can be tricky: JNI calls are complicated
        especially when dealing with non primivite types or arrays,
        performance issues must be kept in mind all the time,
        the code can be redundant (checking exceptions, checking returns
        of operations...).
        Giws hides this complexity through a C++ class which wraps the
        Java class.


       -f, --description-file Description of the method of the Java Object.

       -o, --output-dir
              The directory where to export files

       -p, --per-package
               Generates CXX/HXX files per package

       -e, --throws-exception-on-error
              Throws a C++ exception instead of an exit(EXIT_FAILURE)

              Specify the extension of the header file generated [Default : .hxx]

              Specify the extension of the body file generated [Default : .cpp]

       -v --version
              Display the version information

       -h --help
              Display the help


       giws was written by Sylvestre Ledru, Vincent Couvert and Jean-Baptiste Silvy

       This manual page was written by Sylvestre Ledru <>, for the Debian
       project (but may be used by others).