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       glances - A cross-platform curses-based monitoring tool


       glances  [-bdehmnrsvyz1]  [-B  bind]  [-c  server] [-C conffile] [-f file] [-o output] [-p
       port] [-P password] [-t refresh]


       Glances is a free (LGPL) cross-platform curses-based monitoring tool which aims to present
       a  maximum  of  information  in  a  minimum  of space, ideally to fit in a classical 80x24
       terminal or higher to have additionnal information.

       Glances can adapt dynamically the displayed information depending on the terminal size. It
       can also work in a client/server mode for remote monitoring.

       This tool is written in Python and uses the psutil library to fetch the statistical values
       from key  elements,  like  CPU,  load  average,  memory,  network,  disks,  file  systems,
       processes, etc.


       The command-line options are the following:

       -b     Display network rate in Byte per second (default: bit per second)

       -B @IP|HOST
              Bind server to the given IPv4/IPv6 address or hostname

       -c @IP|HOST
              Connect to a Glances server by IPv4/IPv6 address or hostname

       -C FILE
              Path to the configuration file

       -d     Disable disk I/O module

       -e     Enable sensors module (requires pysensors, Linux-only)

       -f FILE
              Set the HTML output folder or CSV file

       -h     Display the help and exit

       -m     Disable mount module

       -n     Disable network module

       -o OUTPUT
              Define additional output (available: HTML or CSV)

       -p PORT
              Define the client/server TCP port (default: 61209)

       -P PASSWORD
              Define a client/server password

              Define a client/server password from the prompt

       -r     Disable process list (for low CPU consumption)

       -s     Run Glances in server mode

       -t SECONDS
              Set refresh time in seconds (default: 3 sec)

       -v     Display the version and exit

       -y     Enable hddtemp module (requires hddtemp)

       -z     Do not use the bold color attribute

       -1     Start Glances in per-CPU mode


       You can use the following keys while in Glances:

       a      Sort process list automatically

       b      Switch between bit/s or Byte/s for network I/O

       c      Sort processes by CPU usage

       d      Show/hide disk I/O stats

       f      Show/hide file system stats

       h      Show/hide the help screen

       i      Sort processes by I/O rate

       l      Show/hide log messages

       m      Sort processes by MEM usage

       n      Show/hide network stats

       p      Sort processes by name

       q      Quit

       s      Show/hide sensors stats (only available with -e flag)

       t      View network I/O as combination

       u      View cumulative network I/O

       w      Delete finished warning log messages

       x      Delete finished warning and critical log messages

       y      Show/hide hddtemp stats (only available with -y flag)

       1      Switch between global CPU and per-CPU stats


       Refresh information every 5 seconds:
              glances -t 5


       Glances returns a zero exit status if it succeeds to print/grab information.

       It returns 2 if it fails to parse its options (missing arguments, invalid value, etc).


       Glances is written by Nicolas Hennion aka Nicolargo (