Provided by: globus-gram-client-tools_10.4-3_amd64 bug


       globus-job-cancel - Cancel a GRAM batch job


       globus-job-cancel [-f | -force] [-q | -quiet] JOBID

       globus-job-cancel [-help] [-usage] [-version] [-versions]


       The globus-job-cancel program cancels the job named by JOBID. Any cached files associated
       with the job will remain until globus-job-clean is executed for the job.

       By default, globus-job-cancel prompts the user prior to canceling the job. This behavior
       can be overridden by specifying the -f or -force command-line options.


       The full set of options to globus-job-cancel are:

       -help, -usage
           Display a help message to standard error and exit.

           Display the software version of the globus-job-cancel program to standard output.

           Display the software version of the globus-job-cancel program including DiRT
           information to standard output.

       -force, -f
           Do not prompt to confirm job cancel and clean-up.

       -quiet, -q
           Do not print diagnostics for succesful cancel. Implies -f


       If the following variables affect the execution of globus-job-cancel.

           Path to proxy credential.

           Path to trusted certificate directory.