Provided by: gmt_4.5.11-1build1_amd64 bug


       gmtset - To change individual GMT default parameters


       gmtset  [  -Gdefaultsfile  ]  PARAMETER1  [=]  value1 PARAMETER2 [=] value2 PARAMETER3 [=]
       value3 ...


       gmtset  will  adjust  individual  GMT  defaults  settings  in  the   current   directory's
       .gmtdefaults4  file.   If  no  such  file exists one will be created.  The main purpose of
       gmtset is temporarily to change certain parameters inside a shell script,  e.g.,  set  the
       dots-per-inch  to  600, run the script, and reset to 300 dpi.  Optionally, you can specify
       one or  more  temporary  changes  directly  on  any  GMT  command  line  with  the  syntax
       --PARAMETER=value; such changes are only in effect for that command and do not permanently
       change the default settings on disk.

       PARAMETER value
              Provide one or several pairs of  parameter/value  combinations  that  you  want  to
              modify.   For a complete listing of available parameters and their meaning, see the
              gmtdefaults man page.


       -G     Name of specific .gmtdefaults4 file to  modify  [Default  looks  first  in  current
              directory,  then  in  your home directory, then in ~/.gmt and finally in the system


       To change the dpi to 600, set annotation font to Helvetica,  and  select  grid-crosses  of
       size 0.1 inch, and set annotation offset to 0.2 cm:

       gmtset   DOTS_PR_INCH   600   ANNOT_FONT_PRIMARY  Helvetica  GRID_CROSS_SIZE_PRIMARY  0.1i


       GMT(1), gmtdefaults(1), gmtget(1)