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       gmtset - To change individual GMT default parameters


       gmtset  [  -GfPdefaultsfile  ]  PARAMETER1 [=] value1 PARAMETER2 [=] value2 PARAMETER3 [=]
       value3 ...


       gmtset  will  adjust  individual  GMT  defaults  settings  in  the   current   directory's
       .gmtdefaults' file. If no such file exists one will be created. The main purpose of gmtset
       is to temporarily change certain parameters inside a shellscript, e.g., set the  dots-per-
       inch to 600, run the script, and reset to 300 dpi.

       PARAMETER value
              Provide  one  or  several  pairs  of  parameter/value combinations that you want to
              modify. For a complete listing of available parameters and their meaning,  see  the
              gmtdefaults man page.


       -G     Name  of  specific  .gmtdefaults  file  to  modify  [Default looks first in current
              directory, then in your home directory, and finally in the system defaults].


       To change the dpi to 600, set anotation font to Helvetica, and select grid-crosses of size
       0.1 inch, and set anotation offset to 0.2 cm, try

               gmtset DOTS_PR_INCH 600 ANOT_FONT Helvetica GRID_CROSS_SIZE 0.1i ANOT_OFFSET 0.2c


       gmt(1gmt), gmtdefaults(1gmt)

                                            1 Jan 2004                                  GMTSET(l)