Provided by: gnome-media-player_0.1.3-0ubuntu5_amd64 bug


       gnome-media-player - A simple media player for GNOME that supports VLC, Xine and GStreamer
       based engines.


       gnome-media-player [--help] [--engine-type= engine ] [ files ] ...


       gnome-media-player is a simple media player for GNOME that supports using  the  VLC,  Xine
       and GStreamer engines for playing audio and video files


       files  Plays the files specified in files when the player starts.

       --help Shows the available options

       -e <engine> , --engine-type=<engine>
              Forces  GNOME  Media  Player  to use <engine> as its engine type. Valid options are
              auto, vlc, gstreamer and xine.  The default option is auto.  The auto  option  will
              select  an  engine  and  enable/disable  the  deinterlacer  based on the file being

              Hides the volume control from the user interface.

              Forces the window of the media player to always remain on top of other windows.

       -d, --deinterlace
              Tells GNOME Media Player to deinterlace.


       Bilal Akhtar <>, Michael Lamothe <>