Provided by: gnomeradio_1.8-2ubuntu26_amd64 bug


       gnomeradio - Listen to FM radio


       gnomeradio [OPTION...]


       gnomeradio  is  a FM radio tuner for the GNOME desktop. It should work with every FM tuner
       card that is supported by video4linux. Remote controls are supported via  (optional)  LIRC
       support. Gnomeradio can also record radio using GStreamer backend.


       -?, -h, --help
              Output help message then quit

              Output version information then quit

       --scan Scan for available stations

       The  following command options related to Audio Loopback mode. When Audio Loopback mode is
       available, it will automatically start an audio streaming between the radio device and the
       audio output device. Each of the following allows to change one of the Audio Loopback mode
       default configurations.

              Enable loopback digital audio from radio device

              Set an capture device for loopback digital audio (default: auto)

              Set an playback device for loopback digital audio (default: default)

              Set a latency for loopback digital audio in ms (default: 500)

              Enable debug output for loopback digital audio


       This manual page was written by POJAR GEORGE <>, for the Debian  system
       (but may be used by others).