Provided by: gnotime_2.3.1~snapshot20091119-5_amd64 bug


       gnotime - GnoTime - a time tracker


       gnotime [--display displayname] [--geometry geometry]


       GnoTime  is  a  simple  combination  of  a  stopwatch,  a  to-do-list  organizer and time-
       keeping/billing system.

       In its simplest mode of operation, as a stopwatch, it simply counts the number of  elapsed
       seconds  while  the  timer is running.  Unlike ordinary stopwatches, it will keep a log of
       each time that the timer was started and stopped.  The log, or 'journal', can be annotated
       with comments, allowing a diary of events to be kept.

       GnoTime functions as a billing system by allowing you to assign a value to an hour's worth
       of time.  You can specify overtime, double-overtime rates and fixed flat-fees.  Individual
       chunks of time as 'billable', 'not-billable', 'no-charge', 'hold', and so on.

       GnoTime  can  also  be  used as a simple to-do list tracker.  You can assign an urgency as
       well as an importance to a given project, assign an estimated start and end date,  specify
       a  sizing and a percent-complete value.  Clicking on column headings will sort the list in
       the order of that column.

       Custom reports can be created using standard HTML enhanced with embedded  Scheme  (a  LISP
       -like programming language).


              specifies  the  X  server that gnotime should connect to. Refer to the X(1x) manual
              page for more info.

              specifies the geometry of the main window. The syntax  [WIDTHxHEIGHT][(+|-)X(+|-)Y]
              is just like the X toolkit option geometry.  See X(1x) for more info.


       You  can  find  more information about GnoTime and its functions in the Gnome help system.
       Just select Contents from the Help menu to get there.


       X(1x), the GnoTime Online Help, the GNOME Online Help.


        Copyright (C) 1997,1998 Eckehard Berns
        Copyright (C) 2001 Linas Vepstas <>