Provided by: gnucash_2.6.1-2_amd64 bug


       gnucash - personal finance manager


       gnucash [options] [ accounts.gnc ]


       GnuCash  is  a  personal  accounting  package  that allows you to record and track income,
       expenses, assets, and investments. It supports reconciliation, has  substantial  reporting
       capabilities,  and  is extensible using guile. It can import QIF data from Quicken(TM) and
       many other commercial accounting packages. It uses GTK+ and GNOME to provide an attractive
       user interface, and has extensive online help.


              Show GnuCash version

       --help Show this help message

              Enable debugging mode: increasing logging to provide deep detail.

              Enable extra/development/debugging features.

       --log  Log level overrides, of the form "log.ger.path={debug,info,warn,crit,error}"

              File to log into; defaults to "/tmp/gnucash.trace"; can be "stderr" or "stdout".

              Do not load the last file opened

       --add-price-quotes FILE
              Add price quotes to the given data file

              Regular expression determining which namespace commodities will be retrieved.


              Automatically generated per-user configuration file.  DO NOT EDIT MANUALLY!


              Enable  debugging  output.  This allows you to turn on the debugging earlier in the
              startup process than you can with --debug.

              An override for the GnuCash scheme load path. You shouldn't  need  to  alter  this.
              For more information see the README file.

              An  override  for  the  GnuCash scheme load path for Gnucash modules. You shouldn't
              need to alter this.  For more information see the README file.


       Please report any bugs using the bug reporting form on the GnuCash web site.


       GnuCash has extensive on-line help available from the "help" menu.

       Additional  information  and  the  latest  version  is  available   at   the   web   site:


       Robert Merkel <> wrote this manpage.

       GnuCash was written by Robin Clark, Linas Vepstas, and a cast of thousands.