Provided by: goban-ss_1.1-2_amd64 bug


       goban - Goban screensaver


       goban [options]


       This manual page documents briefly the goban command.

       goban is a screensaver program that replays historical games of go (aka wei-chi and baduk)
       on the screen.


       -version, --version
              Print version information

              Stealth mode

              Display to use

              Use color if possible

              Use high-contrast graphics instead of rendered

              Set resource file name

       -name  Name used to look up X resources

              Size (in pixels) of font (default = 12)

              X window id to draw in

       -root  Draw on the root window

              Milliseconds between stones in screensaver (default = 2000)

              Milliseconds between games in screensaver (default = 10000)

              Rate of acceleration of stonetime 0=slow 100=fast (default = 50)

              Directory to find games to play

              Minimum stonetime (limit on acceleration) in screensaver (default = 100)
              Number of games to play in arena test

              Program 1 for arena testing

              Program 2 for arena testing

              Size to use in arena testing

              Komi for arena testing

              Handicap for arena testing

       -edit  Edit SGF file

       -nngs  Connect to NNGS

       -igs   Connect to IGS

              Run as a screensaver

       -help, --help
              Show help message



       See the README for info about arena mode.


       goban was written by Scott Draves <>.

       This manual page was written by Al Nikolov <>, for the Debian project (and
       may be used by others).

       The  Debian  package  is dedicated to the Saint-Petersburg Go Federation and personally to
       Maxim Podolyak, it's President.

                                        November  4, 2010                                GOBAN(1)