Provided by: gpivtools_0.6.0-3build1_amd64 bug


       gpiv_img2gpiv  -  Converts  images  into raw data (extension .r) format with the belonging
       ASCII header file (extension .h) or into the hdf format (extension .hdf).


       gpiv_img2gpiv [-x | --cross] [-c | --cols  ncolumns]  [--combine]  [-h  |  --help]  [-hdf]
       [--suf_a  EXT]  [--suf_b EXT] [--suf_num N] [-i | --inverse] [-n] [-p] [-r | --rows nrows]
       [-t] [-v | --version] file_base_name


       gpiv_img2gpiv converts images from a common image format (gif, tif etc) into  a  raw  data
       image  with  extension .r. Additionally, it generates an ASCII header file (extension .h).
       This header contains information concerning  image  dimensions,  color  depth,  single  or
       double  image (for auto or cross-correlation), time and spatial scales, position of pixel#
       (0, 0) in the experiment and some additional (non-required) parameters.

       gpiv_img2gpiv may also convert to hdf formatted images, with extension .hdf, that might be
       used by gpiv.

       This  program  does not use the parameter resources from libgpiv. The default settings may
       be overruled by the command line options, as explained below.


       -c | --cols ncolumns
              The number of columns of the image (default 1280).

              If the images have been obtained separately, but will have to be  used  for  cross-
              correlation,  they  will  be combined to a single image file for interrogating with
              gpiv_rr (or gpiv).  See also --suf_a/b and --suf_num.

       -h | --help
              On-line help.

       -hdf   Converts to (or from) hdf formatted data (extension .hdf).

       -i | --inverse
              Inverse conversion; from raw 8-bit data to image format.

       --suf_a EXT
              In combination with --combine: the file_base_name of the first frame to be combined
              is extended with suffix EXT (default: _a).

       --suf_b EXT
              In  combination  with  --combine:  the  file_base_name  of  the  second frame to be
              combined is extended with suffix EXT (default: _b).

       --suf_num N
              In combination with --combine: If images are numbered instead of with  --suf_a  and
              --suf_b.  N  represents the first of the two numbered frames which will be combined
              with frame N + 1. The combined image will be named to file_base_nameN.r.  So,  only
              odd  or  even  numbered  images  will  result to be loaded in gpiv_rr (or gpiv) for

       -n     No execute, only print processes.

       -p     Prints process to stdout.

       -r | --rows
              nrows The number of rows in the frame of a SINGLE image (default 1024).   An  image
              frame  containing  a  PIV  pair of images (to be used for cross-correlation) should
              have the double amount of rows; from row #0 to row #nrows - 1  contains  the  first
              image and from row #nrows to row #2xnrows - 1 contains the second image.

       -t     Image type or format (default bmp).

       -v | --version
              Print version information on standard output, then exit successfully.

       -x | --cross
              Double image for cross-correlation (default: single image for auto-correlation).




       The program uses convert.


       Gerber Van der Graaf

                                         19 Januari 2005                         GPIV_IMG2GPIV(1)