Provided by: gpivtools_0.6.0-3build1_amd64 bug


       gpiv_piv2vec - Converting of PIV data.


       gpiv_piv2vec  [-al  length]  [-au units] [-flipx] [-flipy] [-g] [-h | fB--help] [-nd] [-k]
       [-p | --print] [-s  scale]  [-tl  label]  [-v  |  fB--version]  [-xl  label]  [-yl  label]

       < stdin > stdout


       gpiv_piv2vec adds an header to piv data for a vector plot with Plotmtv.  This program does
       not use the parameter resources from libgpiv.


       -al length
              Plots a vector annotation of length.

       -au units
              Plots a vector annotation of units.

       -flipx Flips the plot in x-direction; x data from high to low.

       -flipy Flips the plot in y-direction; y data from high to low.

       -g     Displays piv data graphically. filename has to be defined.

       -h | fB--help
              On-line help.

       -nd    Combined with -g; adds option -nodate (only ps output doesn't contain date!).

       -k     Keep plot-file.

       -p | --print
              Plots the output on screen with Plotmtv if filename has been used.

       -s scale
              Vector scale (default: 1 px).

       -tl label
              Defines top label (title) (default: filename, if used).

       -v | fB--version
              Prints version information on standard output, then exits successfully.

       -xl label
              Defines x-label (default: "x (pixels)").

       -yl label
              Defines y-label (default: "y (pixels)").

              Uses PIV file  instead  of  stdin  and  stdout.  The  output  will  be  written  to

       SEE ALSO


       Gerber Van der Graaf


       The  program  has been tested for PIV data. Watch out for filenames containing dots, apart
       from the separation with extension.

                                         8 November 2006                          GPIV_PIV2VEC(1)