Provided by: gpivtools_0.6.0-3build1_amd64 bug


       gpiv_trig - triggers a (double Nd_YAGG) laser with a CCD camera.


       gpiv_trig [-h | --help] [-i | --interactive] [-v | --version] [-V | --verbose]


       gpiv_trig  triggers  a  CCD  camera  and  a  (double  Nd_YAGG)  laser  for  Particle Image
       velocimetry (PIV). The code uses a kernel module gpivtrig_rtl from  the  gpivtrig  package
       that  depends  on  the  Real  Time Application Interface (RTAI) and RealtimeLinux. Trigger
       pulses are send to the parallel port of the PC (/dev/lpt0 or /dev/lpt1; see the  configure
       script  of  the  gpivtrig  package) at bins #1 (camera), #2 and #3 (first and second laser
       respectively). The program may be started directly if all modules have been loaded  or  by
       the  gpiv_control  script, also included in the gpivtrig package,  which takes care of the
       loading and unloading of the needed kernel modules. Currently, gpiv_trig  is  tested  with
       RTAI-3.1 and the linux kernel-2.4.27.

       This program uses the TRIG parameters. The command line options are explained below.


       -h | --help
              On-line help.

       -i | --interactive
              Prompt for confirmation.

       -v | --version
              Print version information on standard output, then exit successfully.

       -V | --verbose
              program behaves more verbose during operation showing what is going on


       gpivtools(1), gpiv_control(1), gpiv(1)


       Gerber Van der Graaf

                                         19 Januari 2005                             GPIV_TRIG(1)